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Taking corporate services to a whole new level, with various solutions tailored to your exact needs.

Diversify your Portfolio

Diversify your Portfolio

Diversifying your investment portfolio is one of the most recommended strategies by experts As a safe haven, Gold is regarded as one of the most essential assets to minimize risks.

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Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifting is one of the most proven ways to maintain solid relationships with your success partners, earn the loyalty of employees, and engage with your customers.

Corporate Gifting

Gift Customization

Gift Customization

Get a sneak peek of how your logo would look like on pure gold.

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Join Egypt’s top companies and enjoy BTC’s premium corporate solutions.


As the leader of the gold industry since 1935, BTC revolutionized the Egyptian bullion market with unprecedented products and solutions. Join BTC’s extensive network of clients and enjoy the following:

100% Safe and Secure

Enjoy ultimate safety with our accurately calibrated and sealed products.

Variety of Weights & Designs

Enjoy BTC’s broad portfolio of bullion products that start from 1 gram.

World-Class Quality

All our products, whether original or customized, are manufactured as per international standards.

Download BTC’s Catalog

Download your copy of BTC\'s catalog of products and check out 75+ of our exclusive designs.

Create Your Branded Bullion

Have your brand logo engraved in pure gold, in an original product tailored to your plan.

A sneak peek? Upload your logo in “.SVG format” to have an initial preview of our custom-made bullion.