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4 Golden Ideas for Mother’s Day Gift

4 Golden Ideas for Mother's Day Gift
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Hadeel Eslam

March 20, 2023

It’s true that the world celebrates Mother’s day on different days. We, the Egyptians, gift our moms on the 21st of March, following an initiative led by the twin brothers Mustafa and Ali Amin. Since then, Egyptians have celebrated the unique roles of mothers each year at the beginning of spring.  

The historical context aside, we know that you’re currently overthinking what the perfect mother’s day gift for 2023 might be. Whether your mom, mother-in-law, favorite aunt, or older sister, nothing captures a woman’s heart as fine gold does.

So here we will be giving you some ideas for a last-minute yet thoughtful gold gift for Mother’s Day.

24K Gold Oval for Mom to Wear 

Gift her the saving and elegance values combined and pick one of BTC’s exclusive designs of oval ingots. Whether our signature Ommy (My Mother) oval ingot or other ovals, these 999.9 gold oval ingots will be an exceptional addition to her gold collection, with a life-long value and memory. 

Check out the oval designs that start from 5.35 grams from here.

A Gift with Royal Essence? 

Thousands of years ago, the world has known the most eternal royal love story: it’s the love story of Ramses II and Queen Nefertari. To preserve the memory, Ramses II built one of the most beautiful temples, where his love statement is engraved on the walls.

Now is your chance to express your love to your mom with a 24k gold ingot that carries the same eternal love statement: For Whose Sake the Sun Does Shine. Who else deserves such a golden gesture other than the queen I call mother? 

Her Zodiac Sign for the Mother’s Day


Looking for a personalized gift? This is the perfect choice for you! Choose a wearable 21K gold coin where her zodiac sign is engraved. Whether her soul is flowing water, flaming fire, grounded earth, or breezy air, nothing would connect with her on the personality level as much as her own horoscope coin would do. 

A Coin that Carries her Dearest Verse 

Since the Holy Month of Ramadan is a few days ahead, it’s the perfect timing to cherish her with a coin where her favorite Quranic Verse or Surah is engraved.

Choose from the wide collection of Islamic coins; e.g. Kursi Verse, Surat al-Falaq, Surat Yunus, Surat Al-Ikhlas, among others. 

Mother’s Day is the once-a-year day when we all think about the one thing that will put a smile on the faces of our dear ones. As you’ve been thinking about the most heart-warming gift for your mom, BTC has got you covered with a wide variety of designs for you to choose the perfect one.