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Letter from our Chairman:

Letter from our Chairman:
BTC Stories
Hassan Nassar

February 13, 2022

Over the years, BTC made a revolutionary change in the Egyptian bullion industry, faced many challenges, and left behind a success story that’s an inspiration for all the change-makers in this industry. Today, I am proud to announce that we’re starting a new era of change, with our newly-established platform that’s fueled by our passion to support our community. The new website of BTC is specifically designed to be the ultimate destination for all our clients, customers, and partners for everything they need to know about gold. 

Today, as we contemplate our positioning in the market, it’s important to have a flashback of how our story started. Back in 1935, the Nassar family made their first step into the industry of gold with a small shop in Suez city that the successive generations of our family could successfully transform into premium brands and businesses working under the umbrella of Egypt Gold Group.

As one of those businesses, BTC was founded in 2007 to cater to the market’s increasing needs for bullion products, and we’re proud to say that BTC has successfully written its own story of success. 

In 2018, BTC started to expand its portfolio of bullion products that are produced and packaged in accordance with international manufacturing standards. BTC produced the first well-sealed coin, ingot, and bar the local market knew. As with everything that’s new, a sealed bullion product wasn’t really comprehended at first sight. Today, I could not be prouder as people are becoming more aware than ever that a well-sealed product is their best guarantee for a safe bullion product, whose manufacturer is known and trusted. 

Throughout the years, we have been meeting the needs of our dear clients through a variety of products that start from one gram. Today, BTC is leading the Egyptian market through an unprecedently rich portfolio of products from authentic designs inspired by our diverse culture to creative gifting ideas for more shared life-long memories. 

Stay tuned for more good news! 

At all times, we were there for our loyal clients. Today, we’re utilizing cutting-edge technology to be timely present for our clients through this platform, where we’re allowing smoother communications with our success partners from the wholesale sector and the business sector as well as our loyal end customers. We’ve also designed this platform to match the various needs of our community from this blog that offers answers to all your recurrent questions, timely updates news, and detailed guides and reports for more insights about the yellow metal and the industry.

To New Heights 

Hassan Nassar, Chairman of BTC