The BTC is a leader in precious metals from refining to retailing. As part of our suite of services to the community, we pay competitive rates for gold jewellery, bars, coins and nuggets. Dealing with BTC provides you with the certainty of a professional valuation and a fair price. Our integrity is above question and unlike some gold buyers who set up and disappear on a whim, we are always here to provide advice and assistance whenever you are considering selling.

Where To Sell

Members of the public are welcome to sell gold at: BTC Shop - Second-Hand Dealer’s

Open daily 9.00am to 5.00pm*
8 El Fadel Street, El Mashhad El Husseiny – ElGamaleya, Cairo, Egypt
Telephone: +2 15057

What We Buy

Gold jewellery

If no hallmarks are evident or they are illegible, we reserve the right to refuse purchase. Maximum value AUD 10,000. Deductions may apply for items with gemstones and/or other non-metal elements.

BTC precious metal coins & medallions

Includes gold and silver. No premium offered for proof/numismatic coin issues.

Other precious metal coins

Recognised legal tender gold and silver issues only. No coins in current circulation. No premium offered for numismatic issues.

Payment Conditions

We test your gold jewellery and precious metal on-the-spot using accurately calibrated analysers. Based on a successful outcome, we generally make payment into your nominated bank account on the next business day. For bullion and natural nuggets over the value of EGP 100,000, we pay into your nominated account two working days after the transaction. For jewellery over the value of AUD 5,000, we pay into your nominated account five working days after the transaction.