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Gold Trading App

Securely trade, transfer and store physical gold via digital certificates with BTC®

The new BTC® app offers another dimension to the extensive range of innovative investment and storage solutions by EGYPT GOLD.


At the touch of a screen, BTC® gives investors the unique ability to securely buy, store and sell physical gold via digital trading.


The BTC latest investment platform, powered by Hybrid Solution technology, offers investors the trusted quality for which BTC products are renowned with the flexibility and convenience to access their wealth at any time.


All BTC ® digital trading are 100% backed by physical gold stored. with the weight and purity of every ounce guaranteed by the Egyptian gold stamping authority.


Using BTC ®, investors may buy unallocated gold and can redeem their metal holdings at any time for cash or delivered physical gold.

Powered by Hybrid solution

What's in BTC®?

BTC® is a full-service gold investment. It allows users to securely buy, store and sell physical gold via digital TRADING.

The physical gold backing the product is represented in the form of digital TRADING within the app. The holdings are visible via the app’s interface along with any cash available, similar to how balances are seen on online banking systems.

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