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 “Aten Collection”: BTC Launches its Latest Gold Collection Inspired by Ancient Egypt

 “Aten Collection”: BTC Launches its Latest Gold Collection Inspired by Ancient Egypt
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Zaynab Badr

July 2, 2024

In the heart of Downtown Cairo, Bullion Trading Center – BTC unveiled its latest gold collection “Aten Collection” in the Tahrir-based Egyptian Museum. With such an outstanding atmosphere, the event also witnessed the presence of the CEO of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, Ahmed Ghoniem, the Ambassador of Chile, Roberto Ebert, and the Ambassador of Italy, Michele Quarrone.

In line with the company’s mission, BTC collaborated with the artist Mahinaz ElMessiry, an Egyptologist artist who has participated in various exhibitions around the world. To meet their mutual vision to preserve and revive the ancient Egyptian heritage, both BTC and Mahinaz worked together to design an authentic collection, rich with its countless symbols and details from Ancient Egypt.

The collaboration has resulted in the Aten Collection, representing the ancient Egyptian reverence for the sun as the source of life, and gold as a symbol of eternity. The collection features six designs in 21K gold coins including the Blossoming Lotus, the papyrus plant, Tut’s Golden Fan, the Guarding Palm, the Nile Flowers, and Gold of Honor (Golden Fly). On each coin’s backside, Aten, warms the collection with its unique rays.

“One of our main missions is to reclaim the historical reputation of Egyptian Gold, especially since the ancient Egyptians were the real pioneers of this industry. We can see this clearly in the rich heritage our ancestors left us,” BTC Chief Executive Officer Hassan Nassar commented on the launch of the Aten Collection. “Aten Collection is a significant addition to our diverse sets of designs of more than 80 authentic designs, which are widely acknowledged in Egypt and across the GCC region,” Nassar added.

BTC stands as a pioneer in the gold and precious metals industry, with an experience exceeding 88 years, as well as the first specialized company in manufacturing gold and silver. Today, BTC is expanding in different regions by delivering high-end quality products with exceptional standards and designs. With a wide network of authorized distributors across all of Egypt’s governorates, BTC is currently aiming to strengthen its presence in the Arab region, particularly in the Gulf countries .