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21k "Fifth King George" Gold 5 Pound - 40 g

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Featuring the effigy of one of the prominent monarchs in recent history, this 21k gold sovereign evokes the sentiments of historophiles. With our branded tamper-evident pack, this sovereign coin comes to you well-sealed, preserving its captivating royal quality.

Design Story

First minted in 1911, George V gold coin is one of the most popular coins around the world, bringing the story one of the world’s greatest monarchs. This coin features an honest reproduction of George V’s historical portrait, crafted in our world-class refineries to the highest standards.

The Story of George V

George V (1865 – 1936) was the King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, and Emperor of India, after he ascended the throne on the 6th of May, 1910. George V is best remembered for his steadfast dedication to his country throughout his reign. Having served in the Royal Navy, King George V successfully led his country to victory in the world’s first Great War.

King George is also known for strongly upholding family values and indulging in hobbies, like stamp collection. Shy as he was, King George V insisted on staying close to his people and initiated the annual Christmas speech tradition in 1932.

About The Dragon Slayer

On the backside of this sovereign coin, you will see a beautiful depiction of Saint George, the Dragon Slayer. Saint George is the patron saint of England and is renowned for defending his fellow christians and refusing to denounce his faith. Saint George is believed to have been fighting the injustice courageously till his martyrdom in 303 AD.

Regarding slaying the dragon, it was narrated that there was an old village terrorized by the Dragon. To remain safe from the beast, they sacrificed all the sheep and children. Until, Saint George showed up, fough, and defeated the dragon. Till date, Saint George is celebrated as a symbol of bravery.


More Information
Karat 21k Gold
Design George
Diameter(mm) 40
Thickness(mm) 2.15
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