21k " Islamic - Allah " Yellow Gold Pound - 8 g


21k " Islamic - Seal of Muhammad " Yellow Gold Pound - 8 g

21k " Mahrousa " Yellow Gold Coin - 8 Gm

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As our love for Egypt is beyond all measures, Mahrousa coin embodies the quintessential charm of our beloved country in 21k gold. To preserve its unrivaled details, this one pound coin comes to you in our branded tamper evident pack. 

Design Story - Mahrousa 

Mahrousa coin is an art re-shaped. Crafted with love by our in-house designers, this 21 gold coin makes our love to our country tangible, with the rich details on its back and front sides. 

The front of this 8g gold coin features the famous quote attributed to Noah, that he said to his son, referring to Egypt: “It’s the mother of all countries, and relief to all People”. While the back features the common saying “Masr Al-Mahoursa”.

 In reference to the Bible and Quran, Egypt is believed to be protected by the power of the Creator, and Egypt shall always be our safe country “Al-Mahrousa”.

 Have this 21k gold as your protecting charm and enjoy its spiritual and investment values combined.

More Information
Karat 21k Gold
Design National - Mahrousa
Diameter(mm) 22
Thickness(mm) 1.50
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